Why Does It Say Donation Limit Reached In Bloxburg

Why Does It Say Donation Limit Reached In Bloxburg. I find it so stupid that you can’t donate as much as you want. Ago there’s been a lotttttttttt of glitches in bloxburg lately i’m sure it’s just another glitch.

Bloxburg A roblox Donation Annoyance (read description ) YouTube

Waiting until the time limit is reached and sending the maximum gift is an option, as is working hard to make money. The donation limit also limits the number of. 5 4 4 comments best add a comment.

Of Course, You'll Have To Pay To Have The Premium Account.

Evolution of the system and precautions. Web why is the donation limit exist ? They could also have donations off and it’s a glitch that it says you’ve reached.

Web “The Bloxburg Donation Dilemma:

Web i think it’s a day but idk if it’s exactly 24 hours (if i’m not mistaken i’ve tried right at 12:00am and it worked) 1. Limits from $1 to $50,000, 24 hour wait. Web why is there a limit on donating?

Web Where Whenever I Try To Donate Money , It Says Donation Limit Reached, Even Though I Haven't Donated To Anyone In The Past 24 Hrs.

You just need to rejoin the game. Its pretty useless and its really buggy. Web why does there have to be a limit for donating and how much time you have to wait in between donations?

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I cant even donate5k without it coming up. There is no way to donate blockbux (b$) in bloxburg. Web you can donate as little as $1 for regular players, but you can donate as much as you’d like for premium players.

Overcoming Generosity Restrictions!” Do You Feel Like Your Generosity Is Being Held Hostage In The Virtual World Of Bloxburg?.

Web well, you've donated to someone before or maybe it's just a bug, i got that once when going into a restaurant. 5 4 4 comments best add a comment. Ago nope rainbcwclovds • 2 yr.